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  • 16/06/2020


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Successful business is impossible without advertising. And where else to post it, if not in social networks. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter — all these platforms seem to be created to promote business and attract thousands of new customers.

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Social networks and exhibition marketing

Any enterprise is simply obliged to have its own portal, in which the most useful and always accessible content will be collected. This will not only allow a potential client to get acquainted with the company's services, but also demonstrate its openness, desire to tell about itself, its achievements and advantages.

Ivan Alexandrovich Nikolsky, Managing Partner of the exhibition marketing agency EXPONIC, says about this:

«For B2B companies, the main communication platforms are Facebook and Linkedin. Unfortunately, the latter is prohibited in Russia, but if your business operates outside the Russian Federation, it makes sense to use this network to interact with foreign partners and customers. A desktop (computer) version is available for compatriots. Facebook has no restrictions, so let's focus on this network. The business audience is maximally concentrated in it. The network is used by both business owners and marketers, PR specialists and decision makers. Initially, we conducted our own business account, but the increasing competition and the intensified struggle for the client requires a better and more targeted approach to the management and promotion of the page. We have hired a professional SMM specialist with proven successful experience, including in setting up advertising campaigns. Together with an expert, we make a monthly content plan, determine which ads to launch, when and to which audience, based on the seasonality of the business.

The main task is to create a portal with useful "free" content for the client. Content marketing is at the core, we generate the most useful information for the audience, with checklists, life hacks, applied materials that can be used here and now. In fact, a person receives an "exhibition encyclopedia" on effective participation in the exhibition by reading it on the company's page, which leads to the formation of an associative series: useful content - expertise - company services. The budget consists of a fixed remuneration for an SMM specialist and advertising costs. Advertising costs are uneven, depending on the season, but on average about 20-25 thousand rubles a month.

We advertise primarily not our services, but useful content for the audience. For example, a company participates in an exhibition for the first time, it may have several goals and objectives. Where to start, where to go, from whom to order a stand, printing, promotional staff, etc. How to attract visitors to the stand, how to announce participation in the exhibition, where and how. We have created a training manual with recommendations for effective participation in the exhibition and advertise it. It describes step by step how to start preparing, how to work at the exhibition and how to process contacts after. The effect was achieved. An employee of the company who has received exhaustive expert information, the next step asks the question, "if these guys gave me useful information, then they provide services in this area professionally." Then we transfer the client to the commercial plane».



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