The experience of entrepreneurs: how and where to make business acquaintances?

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  • 16/06/2020


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The owners of successful companies are constantly striving to expand their customer base and establish new business contacts necessary for active and mutually beneficial cooperation

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As practice shows, you can find partners and potential customers not only at forums and official meetings, but also in places where you least expect it. The main thing is to decide on the goal: why and with whom you need to get acquainted? After analyzing it, you will understand where it is better to go in search of new contacts. After getting acquainted, be sure to start a conversation, the topic of which will be interesting to both of you. The dialogue will help to get to know the interlocutor better, to understand what goals he sets for himself.

Ivan Nikolsky, Managing Partner of EXPONIC Exhibition Marketing Agency, recommends starting with a joint photo and a person's mark in the post:

«There are associations, trade unions, profile committees, as well as awards that are directly related to your business and activities. Your target audience and partners gather at these events. Register for them as a participant. If you have accumulated expertise in the industry, then arrange with the organizers to speak as a speaker.

Submit your cases to contests and awards. Communicate on the sidelines during breaks at events, first study the audience and the needs of individual groups of people and companies. Communicate in the language of benefits: "don't use we can", show how your products or services can solve the problem and relieve the headache of your potential customers.

Tell your partners about the benefits of working with you. As a rule, after the official program of the event, the organizers arrange a "cocktail" part, where you need to engage in networking in an informal setting over a glass of champagne. The term social selling has relatively recently come into use by PR and marketers.

For B2B companies and their employees, one of the most effective communication channels is Facebook. Publish event reports and photos. During new acquaintances, do not limit yourself to exchanging business cards, politely ask to add you as a friend on facebook, take a photo together and mark the person in the post. All this works for your awareness, and as a result for the recognition of your brand.

At the event of the National Congress Bureau, I met a company that develops multimedia content for exhibition stands. My company builds stands. Now we work together, not competing, but complementing each other, and we can reach more customers and provide them with a range of turnkey exhibition services. "The wolf's feet are fed" - walk, communicate, negotiate and become an expert in your industry and new acquaintances and new clients will not take long to wait.»



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