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  • AKMR

  • Digital Communications Day 2020

  • 2020 year

  • 1 200 m²




  • Offer an unusual design of the zone for the conference "Digital Communications of Russia" in the Deworkacy space (Red October). Separate coffee break zones, business events and technical rooms. Organically fit art objects into the existing architecture of the site. To carry out the installation in one night.

1 200

Total area

6х7 m

Double-sided banner



1 night




  • Our specialists have mounted: the reception desk, where the lists of participants were checked and badges were issued, the wardrobe counter to differentiate the foyer and wardrobe areas. The two-sided press wall we created, measuring 6x7 meters and 1 m wide, delimited the working area of the conference and the coffee break area, while acting as a place for photo shoots. The branding of the stage was carried out, a branded shelf was installed, decorated in the official colors of the AKMR.
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Exponic company was engaged in the design and construction of the annual conference "Digital Communications of Russia" in the Deworkacy space (Red October) in 2019. On September 27, 2020, Exponic became the general contractor
of the "Media Manager of Russia 2020" award ceremony at the Bellagio restaurant in Moscow. The implementation of both projects was carried out at a high level.
The company's employees found interesting creative solutions for zoning the space. The installation team carried out the construction efficiently and in a short time, thanks to qualified and well-coordinated work.

  • Dzhemir Degtyarenko

  • 2020

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