Types and features of production

We are a united team of qualified specialists. Each of our employees, from the designer to the installer of exhibition stands in Moscow — is a professional in their field. That is why we guarantee the production of stands according to the goals and objectives that you set for yourself at the exhibition.

In accordance with the brief, we develop the concept, idea and design of the exhibition stand. Our employees take into account the direction of the flow of visitors, the location and size of the site. An equally important role is played by the configuration of the exhibition stands you have chosen:

  • linear;
  • peninsula;
  • island;
  • angular configuration;
  • non-standard solution.


The realization of any of your ideas, the guarantee of a premium appearance and a strong image effect — you will get all this by ordering an exhibition stand from EXPONIC.



Production of the stand

The eye-catching exclusive exhibition stands are created not only thanks to the experience of the contractor company, but also through clear interaction with the client. We are well aware of this, so we always strive to understand your requirements and wishes.

An integrated approach and well-coordinated work of our employees allows us to remain in the rating of the best companies that build exhibition stands. We provide a full range of services, including:

  • development of a creative concept for participation in the exhibition;
  • assistance in everything related to exhibition consulting;
  • preparation of a competent technical task for the production of stands for the exhibition;
  • development of the design of the exhibition stand and its demonstration in 3D format;
  • execution of technical documentation in all details;
  • turnkey construction of exhibition stands at any site in Russia;
  • provision of catering, cleaning and floral design services;
  • help of professional stand staff;
  • development of multimedia content (videos, interactive systems, multimedia presentations).


The vast experience of our designers allows us to build stands at the highest technological level. We constantly monitor the latest trends in the production of exhibition stands, so we are always ready to offer you optimal solutions that will meet the expectations of your business and budget. As a result, you get exclusive exhibition stands, and we get another happy partner.

The production of exhibition stands is a time-consuming, multi-stage process that requires constant monitoring and a professional approach. The EXPONIC company guarantees the highest quality of the work performed, which allows us to occupy a leading position in the rating of contractors of exhibition stands.

We have modern production equipment. Our employees are professionals in their field, versed in various nuances of the construction of stands for exhibitions. We are always open and love to communicate. Just contact us and write about your wishes and suggestions!

Participation in the exhibition is a serious challenge not only for the participant, but also for the contractor company, because each event has clear deadlines. In cooperation with unreliable contractors of exhibition stands, there is a high risk of disruption of all agreed dates. As a result, the customer receives unpainted or completely unfinished stands for the exhibition. At the same time, there is practically no time left for "alteration", because, as a rule, the installation time is limited to only a few days.

We are aware of all the responsibility that we take upon ourselves when concluding a contract with our client. Since its foundation, EXPONIC has been successfully engaged in the production of exhibition stands. We are well aware of the nuances that can be encountered at the stages of the design of exhibition stands and their installation. Thanks to competent planning and quality control in production, EXPONIC remains one of the leaders among the contractors of exhibition stands in Russia.


As you can see an exhibition gives you a chance to advance your business opportunities and your sales!

Please call or write us and we will share our experience of getting more from your exhibition projects.

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