Three main types of collective expositions

EXPONIC company is one of the leaders in the field of building exhibition stands, successfully organizes collective expositions. Over the years of working in the market, we have managed to implement hundreds of projects, which makes us one of the best companies that build exhibition stands. Based on our experience and current trends in the design of the exhibition stand, we can identify 3 main types of collective expositions:

  • corporate stand - suitable for a large organization planning to present products or services of several enterprises included in its structure at the exhibition;
  • territorial exposition - developed for companies from a certain region of the country;
  • industry exposition - designed for a group of companies operating in a particular industry.


In each case, we guarantee the performance of a full range of works on the organization of exhibition stands in Moscow. We are well aware of how important an original collective exhibition is in the work of your company. We are aware of its impact on your image and relationship with partners whose products are located next to yours. That is why we are always happy to listen to your requirements and wishes, if necessary, suggest the best solutions in the design of the stand for the exhibition or suggest more effective methods of organizing your exposition.




How we work?

We are a united team of specialists, qualified professionals in their field, able to find an individual approach to each client. Extensive experience in the construction of exhibition stands in Moscow, the ability to surprise partners with non-standard solutions and an affordable price for the production of stands allow us to be one step ahead of competitors. Every tender we have won for the construction of the stand is the result of hard work, a desire to be the best and find new solutions.

We offer each of our clients:

  • design project of the exhibition stand corresponding to the interests of all participants of the exposition;
  • development of a concept that is guaranteed to attract attention to the products of enterprises united in one exhibition space;
  • construction of exhibitions in Moscow and design of the combined stand;
  • creation of comfortable working conditions for employees and partners at the exhibition.


A clear algorithm of interaction with the client helps us to be the leaders in the field of production and design of exhibition stands. After drawing up a contract with the specified deadlines and agreed cost, we develop a project concept and make a technical specification for the construction of an exhibition stand. They reflect:

  • the relevance of the chosen method of collective exhibition design for a particular region;
  • tasks and goals that you set for the exhibition;
  • technical specifications for the construction of the exhibition stand and the principles of the formation of the exposition;
  • the structure of exhibitors that suits you;
  • the business program you expect;
  • stimulating competitive and presentation programs.


When developing the design of the stand for the exhibition, we take into account the dimensions and parameters of the location of the exhibition stands on the site, determine the direction of the flow of visitors. There are no "little things" in our work, because the success of your exhibition, its impact on exhibition visitors, the ability to make potential customers real depends on every nuance.

Providing services for the construction of exhibition and trade stands in Moscow, we are discussing the possibility of implementing the project at all levels. This is the key to the success of the event and allows us to work with dozens of satisfied customers every year.

We know how to design a stand at the exhibition, and we guarantee the highest quality of our services. To verify this personally, just write to us. We will be happy to answer all your questions!


A collective exhibition is an enlarged stand or a special section where products, service presentations or technical achievements of several companies are located, united in the exhibition space by one or more characteristics. In most cases, collective expositions are formed according to the territorial, sectoral or thematic principle.

EXPONIC has extensive experience in building exhibitions and undertakes obligations to provide services related to the design of the exhibition stand and the installation of collective expositions at the best venues in Moscow and other regions of Russia.


As you can see an exhibition gives you a chance to advance your business opportunities and your sales!

Please call or write us and we will share our experience of getting more from your exhibition projects.

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