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Organizing showrooms and art events is a time-consuming process that requires a huge amount of experience and a team of experts. You will find all this by contacting EXPONIC for help. Our competence includes the production of exhibition stands, analysis and operational solution of non-core tasks for your business. We implement any ideas on a turnkey basis: from the development of the exhibition organization project, to the design of art objects. We are specialists in the construction of stands for exhibitions in Moscow, the design and installation of showrooms and presentation areas.

We understand how important a properly organized space for a presentation or showroom will become. We guarantee that your event will be held at a height. To do this, our employees will:

  • select a site or a showroom for the presentation;
  • develop a design project of the presentation space;
  • produce non-standard interior items;
  • provide presentation equipment and furniture;
  • build a podium or stage;
  • adjust lighting and sound;
  • arrange separate places for negotiations;
  • prepare banners and advertising structures;
  • design a video room and develop multimedia content.


EXPONIC employees have extensive experience in organizing museum space. The list of our services includes:

  • creation of a design project and design of a space for the placement of a museum exhibition;
  • production of plates and preparation of the navigation system;
  • development of a protocol passage and orientation of visitors;
  • production of frames, baguettes, tablets and other artistic and decorative elements;
  • creation of advertising and information stands, banners, photo wallpapers, light panels;
  • multimedia content development;
  • supply of furniture and presentation equipment.


We will organize a festival of contemporary art for you, design a stand for the exhibition and manufacture branded products, develop the architecture of the fashion show and provide any other services for the organization of the exhibition.

All that is required of you is a clear statement of the task, the implementation of which we fully undertake. EXPONIC specialists fully control the technological process and promptly resolve any issues related to site selection, idea development, creation of an event scenario, construction of exhibition stands in Moscow, Moscow region and throughout Russia, installation and decoration of interiors, attracting media persons.



Work steps

It is possible to satisfy the needs of each of our clients only with full mutual understanding with them. We carefully study the task set before us, discuss any nuances, because there are no trifles in the construction of stands for the exhibition.

Signing and compliance with the agreement on the organization of an exhibition stand for an art event and creating the design of showrooms is far from the only service of EXPONIC. The whole process of cooperation with the client consists of several steps:

  • at a personal meeting with you or your representative, we study all your wishes, jointly work out the goals of the exhibition organization project, its format and the main idea;
  • the creative director of our company will present you several different concepts of the future project;
  • after the approval of the exhibition organization project, we begin to develop the most effective methods of its implementation, form and coordinate with you the cost of the stand for the exhibition;
  • together with you we draw up a contract with a fixed form and payment terms;
  • we are starting to prepare the design of the stand for the exhibition and its construction taking into account your requirements and wishes. We guarantee compliance with the highest quality standards and the use of modern technologies.


Thanks to a clear strategy and the complete exclusion of any risks, the chances of taking your business to a new level with EXPONIC tend to 100%.

Why should you trust us?

Hundreds of satisfied customers trust us, and their number is constantly growing. What is the reason for our success? It's very simple:

  • we guarantee the implementation and coordinate the project at all stages. Cooperation with us is a guarantee of timely execution of works, starting from the development of the concept and design of the exhibition stand project, ending with dismantling on the site. Often, many events, invented images or audiovisual products of the exposition do not bring the expected result for a banal reason — poor elaboration of the idea. In order to prevent this, when building a stand for an exhibition, we strictly observe the technological process, select creative ways to solve the tasks you set, and assist in organizing exhibitions;
  • we do not just decorate the room, we create the atmosphere of your event, help to visualize your product and achievements more vividly. In order to achieve customer growth and increase the chances of concluding new profitable deals, it is important to leave a positive impression after a showroom or art event. This is possible only in the case of stylistic unity — complete harmony of all the instruments involved, from the musical design to the design of the stand for the exhibition;
  • we work exclusively on the result. Our tasks include not only the design of the art space or the installation of interactive exhibition stands. We create the image of your company, do everything to increase your sales, increase public loyalty to your brand;
  • we are fully responsible for the quality. Our team consists of qualified specialists, dozens of proven experts, who have many years of experience in organizing exhibition stands.


EXPONIC selects a team of professionals for each individual project. You can be sure that you will get the best exhibition stands at your disposal, and your event will not be like any other event.


Originality, shock, outrage — whatever tricks the organizers of showrooms and art events do not go to, just to attract the attention of their potential customers. But the contractor's big name does not always hide much-needed knowledge about the fashionable trends of modern marketing, the ability to develop an original technical specification for the construction of an exhibition stand, which will pleasantly surprise the customer and leave the desired aftertaste with his guests.

EXPONIC company is a united team of qualified specialists, real professionals in their field, who are able to guarantee the production of the best exhibition stands and bring to life the most daring ideas of their client.


As you can see an exhibition gives you a chance to advance your business opportunities and your sales!

Please call or write us and we will share our experience of getting more from your exhibition projects.

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