New generation exhibition space: what do we offer?

The atmosphere is one of the most important elements of preparing participants for the process and the final outcome of a business meeting. The arrangement and type of furniture, the design of the stands at the exhibition and the design of the expositions themselves play an extremely important role in maintaining the purpose of the event.

The love of creativity helps us to make an original project of organizing an exhibition, taking into account all the wishes of the client - a subjective thing, but no less important. After all, any creative environment significantly motivates people, inspires them and makes them pay attention to you as the organizer of the space.

EXPONIC company is ready to provide a full range of services for the design of the space for your event, including:

  • development of the space concept;
  • creating an original interior and exterior design of the exhibition area;
  • organization of zone space convenient for visitors;
  • selection of the necessary presentation equipment;
  • production and installation of seasonal and thematic plots;
  • development of internal and external navigation;
  • production of advertising structures for indoor and outdoor decoration of any degree of complexity;
  • creation of advertising and informational materials.


We are always happy to offer you the best interior solutions that will make your event as successful and memorable as possible. To do this, we will:

  • make a competent technical task;
  • create a spectacular design project in 3D format;
  • execute the technical documentation in all its details;
  • select wallpapers, photos, paintings and other interior items;
  • provide samples of all the materials we use.


We are able to offer creative stands for the exhibition, increase the efficiency of your event and attract hundreds of new partners and buyers to your business.



New standards

Today the requirements for the organization and holding of the exhibition, the atmosphere and design of the space have changed markedly. Many successful companies are decidedly moving away from the usual environment, applying radically new solutions in the arrangement of the exhibition space. Traditional premises for business events are replaced by a dynamic space with an unusual design of the exhibition stand, attracting the attention of people eager for something new. An excellent solution in such cases will be a chalet - a cozy room that forces visitors to the exhibition to move into a relaxed atmosphere, make new useful acquaintances and conclude profitable deals.

We consider the tendency to hold meetings and exhibitions in the open air to be important. It is worth paying attention to entrepreneurs who want to surprise the guests of their event with a non-standard organization and holding of an exhibition, provoke unusual discussions between visitors, give them unforgettable emotions.


The ability to fit different models of learning, work and behavior into one space is a sign of real skill, the ability to satisfy the most daring wishes of the client and offer the best exhibition stands. EXPONIC Company is a team of specialists who will be able to realize all your ideas concerning the exhibition. We keep our finger on the pulse of modern exhibition marketing and know perfectly well how to design a stand at an exhibition, organize a chalet or a street space in accordance with the latest global trends.

The main rule in the production of exhibition stands and the organization of events is to maintain a balance between open spaces and rooms for private meetings. In the first, guests will be able to get acquainted and communicate on topics related to doing business. The second will give an opportunity to conclude profitable deals and sign contracts in a calm atmosphere.


Our experience shows that the guests of the exhibition take the most active part under the influence of the environment. In this case, we are happy to advise holding business events in a dynamic environment that does not restrict movement. The chalets and outdoor spaces with exhibition stands organized by us are ideal for such events.

Non-standard design elements help to adapt the space to any task. The correct design of the stand at the exhibition energizes the participants, encourages them to make important decisions and sign contracts.

Don't wait for the right moment. Take advantage of our offers, because we know how to design a stand for an exhibition. Contact us and we will do everything to ensure that your event is held at the highest level!


Holding an exhibition, whether it is an enclosed space or an open space, requires modern non-standard solutions. EXPONIC company is one of the leaders in the field of exhibition marketing, offers a full range of services for business events, from the manufacture of exhibition stands and the design of halls, to the dismantling of structures.

We are a united team of professionals, we value our reputation and do everything to ensure that your event is as successful as possible.


As you can see an exhibition gives you a chance to advance your business opportunities and your sales!

Please call or write us and we will share our experience of getting more from your exhibition projects.

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